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Shakira, of its complete name Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll 1.2, born on February 2nd 19773 in Barranquilla, in Colombia, is author-compositor-interprets.\n \nAfter having emerged on the Latin-American scene while occurring in the years 1990, she has international success by 2002 thanks to the title Whenever, Wherever and the album Laundry Service.voila a contre coeur...

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Shakira was born on February, 2nd 1977 in Barranquilla.

She is a singer.

She has got long, blond straight hair.

She is tall and slim.

She does a lot of activites : she is singer, she is dancer and she is an actress


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Shakira est née le 2 Février 1977 à Barranquilla.

C'est une chanteuse.

Elle a les cheveux longs, blond et raide.

Elle est grande et mince.

Elle fait beaucoup d'activités : elle est chanteuse, elle est danseuse et c'est une actrice.


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