Redire en 5 ou 10 lignes, la relation avec vos parents. Donner des exemples (choix de musique, choix de vêtement,..)

Moi j'ai mis:
My mom is 47 years, and my dad is 50 years.
The relation with my mom is better than with my dad. Every morning, my mom and me listen Fun Radio. I've the same musical tastes as her. For my clothes, she says nothing, but if I take short skirt or short dress, she's upset.
The relation with my daddy is easy. My father is more stern (sévère) with me than my brother. And I don't know why. He isn't often in my home. But I adore my parents, they are awesome.

Je sais pas si c'est bien .. Et si il y a des fautes :/



He isn't often at* home je pense que c'est mieux que in my home :)