Last Saturday,my parents went out. I was watching tv with my brother when suddenly, we saw someone throw the window. I locked out the door. Later, we were eating and there were a power cut. We were alone in the dark when we heard a car. Someone was trying to open the door. It was our parents ! Voilà je pense que c'est ça :)
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Exercice 3 :


a. Last saturday, my parents went out.

b. I watched television with my brother.

c. Suddenty, we saw someone at the window.

d  We closed lock the door.

e. Later we were eating.

f. It has been a power cuf.

g. We were alone in the dark.

h. When we heard a car.

i. Someone trying to open the door.

j. It was our parents.


J'espère t'avoir aider :-D