Will Smith's real name is Willard Christopher Smith.
His nickname is Fresh Prince.
He is American.
He makes many things: he is a singer, an actor, a scriptwriter, a producer.
He was born on September 25th, 1968, he is thus 44 years old.
He is very rich, it is one of the actors the most paid by Hollywood.


Le vrai nom de Will Smith est Willard Christopher Smith.
Son surnom est Fresh Prince.
Il est américain.
Il fait beaucoup de choses : il est chanteur, acteur, scénariste, producteur.
Il est né le 25 septembre 1968, il a donc 44 ans.
Il est très riche, c'est l'un des acteurs les plus payés d'Hollywood.


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The real name of Will Smith is : Willard Christopher who was born 25 September 1968 in the United States (more specifically in Philadelphia).


It is known all over the world! In music, in television or in the cinema.


Note: it is with the biggest production: SONY. For his fims, it works with SONY PICTURES, for his music: SONY MUSIC.


Will smith is the main actor in Men In Black: One of the biggest success of Sony Pictures with SfyFall.