Salut, j'ai besoin d'aide pour un devoir d'anglais, pour demain svp $: Merci d'avance (: C'est un texte à compléter You _______ this, but I'm going to New York ! I _______ a weekend there ! I'm so excited ! I can't _______ ! The first thing I _______ do is go and see the Statue of Liberty, the ________ famous monument in New York. I've always wanted to see it - in real life. I bet it's not like on TV. I ______ certainly go and see the Empire State Building ________. And I want ________ take a taxi. I don't know why, but I've always wanted ________ take a taxi in New York ! ______ it's not too expensive, I'll take a taxi to go and see the 5 boroughs. When I ______ back home, it __________ be so cool to tell everybody ''Wow ! I've been to the five boroughs of NewYork City on a yellow cab !'' Then I ______ like to visit a museum. I ________ probably go to the Met. The Met is soooo huge, ________ I don't think I _______ the time ________ see another museum. I want _____ go ______ the theatre too. It ________ be so cool to walk down Broadway and think ''Wow ! I'm walking down Broadway !'' I hope __________________ have a picnic in Central Park. It would _______ great ________ see a basketball game at Madison Square Garden ________. Unfortunately, I'll be there for a weekend - it's too short. Anyway, I ________ I'll take loads of photos. I promise I'll ________ you a beautiful postcard _______. I promise I ___________ you everything about my weekend when _________. See you, Dan




Know - i’ll stay – wait – m gonna – most – will – landmark – to –to –because – will go – will – I’d -  will – but – If i will have – to – to – will – that i will – be – to – there – I’m excited because – send – will tell – I’ll go back