Salut, j'ai besoin d'aide pour mes devoirs.
Mon devoir est dans les pièces jointes.
Simplement me dire si les réponses sont justes, le texte est écrit en haut mais voici le texte : Daisy asked "It was six hundred last year this time.. and there is an increase of nearly twenty percent. Has your food production increased twenty percent ?
Have your accommodations increased twenty percent ? I know they haven't
Your production has increased only three percent in spite of various improved methods of cultivation
Have more houses been built between the last monsoon and now ?
I know that the number of houses has remained the same for decades"
The teacher looked crest-fallen, which was a sort of admission of her thesis. He felt relieved that she was nos questioning him on the size of his family,s but presently when several boys and girls of assorted sizes kept dashing in and out of his house and he found Daisy eyeing them questioningly, he volunteered the explanation :
" You see, they are children from the neighbouring houses, they have to come to play with my children. I have only four.."
"I know, I know," she said and added," You had only three when I was here last "

What a lot of policing she was doing ! Raman thought.
She must really be mad ! She will fight people who bring up large families. Some madness must have got into her head quite early in life and stayed on there.
She explained to the teacher, "Our quantum of population-increase every year is equal to the total population of a country like Peru, that's fourteen million."
"What if!" said the foolhardly teacher.
"We have enough space in this country still so many undeveloped areas."
She was very patient with the dialectician.
She said quietly, "How many of the seven hundred-odd in this village will be prepared to move over to new areas when their homes become too congested."

Raman felt like asking, How is it your concern ? If people like to live crowded, it's their business. What a frightful bully you are turning out to be. Thank God, you are not a dictaor.
The teacher explained, "The families here are all stonemasons. They quarry stones and send them all over the country.
Their business is to blast the mountain-side and cut and shape the stones.
At the moment, they have an order to cut and dress three thousand tons of slabs and blocks for a temple in America.
It's quite a thriving business. Why will they move ? They have to be where the mountain is. They cannot afford to leave its side "
She said, " Exactly. I am not suggesting that they uproot themselves, but if they want to stay comfortable, let them avoid creating unmanageable crowd around themselves, that's all. I am not prohibiting anything, but only suggesting that they avoid too many children."
She spoke on the same lines to the gathering which the teacher was able to muster under the banyan tree in the centre of the village. This had to be late on the evening next day, as she had to wait for the men and women to return from work, wash and eat before coming out to listen to her. They had hung up a fex lanterns from the branches of the tree.




J'ai pas tout lu, mais je vois déjà des la premiére question une faute. On te demande de parler de ce que font les 3 personnages dans ce passage. Tu ne parle que de daisy, et ta phrase à propos d'elle me semble fausse. J'ai parcouru les autres question y'a quand meme quelques fautes d'orthographe. Et au lieu d'ecrire " do not " ou " it is " écris directement " don't " et " it's " . Attention à la question trois ce n'est pas " villagers' " mais  " villager's "