Bonjour,je dois faire un texte en Anglais sur Ludwing Van Bethoveen.
Voici les infos que vous devez utiliser(en anglais) :
Name : Ludwing van Bethoveen.
Date and place of birth : 1770-Bonn,Germany.
Ocupation : Musician-Composer-Conductor (chef d'orchestre)
Works : Symphonies-Quartet-Only one opera.
Problem : Become deaf (sourd)-age : 28.
Date and place of death (mort) : 1827,Vienna.
Faites des phrases correctes s'il vous plait.




His name is Ludwing van Bethoveen . He was born in 1770 , at Bonn , in Germany . He was a famous Musician . He is a composer too, he composed many song . He is also a good conductor . He made a symphonie , quartet and only one opera .At 28 years old , he was deaf . He die in 1827 at Vienna .