1)when he left,she cried 2)she was crying when he came 3)when the phone rang,she watched the movie 4)she was asleep when the dog barked 5)when they have finished eating,he does the dishes 6)he did the dishes when his wife called 7)when he saw me,he ran away



1/ When he left, she cried.

2/ She was crying when he arrived;

3/ When the phone was ringing, she was looking the movie.

4/ She was sleeping when the dog barked.

5/Le d'but je sais pas mais la suite (il a fait la vaisselle) = He did the washing-up

6/ He was doing the washing-up when his wife called him

7/ When he saw me, he left by running.


Mais la 7 je sais pas trop si "by running " c'est bon !