Je crois que c'est ça : (dans l'ordre) them; her; it; her; him, j'espère que c'est ça ;)
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Exercice 4 :


My host parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, are very friendly.

I call them Kévin and Ruth.

Their daughter Susan is 13 and I go to school with her in the morning.

Now, I have a very good friend in my class, Liam.

He asks me a lot of questions about France !

I enjoy playing cricket with him, but I'm not very good at it.


Exercice 5 :


a) Erica ! Your sister needs you. Can you help her please ?

b) Anna loves her grandfather ! She always sends him a Christmas card.

c) Look at William's room ! Does he often tidy it ?

d) I have four cats and I love them to bits !


J'espère t'avoir aider :-D