Most people think of a greenhouse as a special glass structure used to grow plants all year long.
Now there is another definition. A “green house” is the result of a movement to produce houses
that are less harmful to the environment than other houses.
Recent films, books, magazines and newspapers have reported serious threats to the environment.
Climate change, increasing pollution, rising energy demands, and decreasing supplies of water are
worldwide problems. Designers and builders around the world are reacting to these environmental
“Green houses” use much less fossil fuel –oil, gas and coal– for energy. The houses are positioned
so that the sun warms them during cold months. The sun can be blocked by sliding wood screens
that control the amount of natural light and heat that enter the building during hot months. The
houses have plenty of windows to let in refreshing air. They have special toilets that use a lot less
“Green houses” are made of wood from fast-growing trees as well as recycled materials. They are
healthier for people to live in. Materials used in them are not processed with strong chemicals that
can produce harmful gases.
Houses that are environmentally friendly are not new. For years, architects in many areas of the
world have designed and built them for environmental activists. But now, rapidly rising energy
costs are increasing the demand worldwide for houses that use less energy.

Question :

Trouvez dans le texte les mots ou expressions suivants :
a. une serre
b. moins nuisible pour l’environnement
c. des préoccupations écologiques
d. dans le monde entier



A. A greenhouse (je ne suis pas sur) B. Less harmful to the environment C.Environmental concerns D. Worldwide ( vraiment pas sur)