1)It is the longest river in the world.

2)He/She is the best dentist in this town.

3)She is the prettiest girl in the school.

4)It is the highest mountain in the U.S.

5)It is the most comfortable armchair in this house.

6)It is the biggest dictionnary in this library.

7)It is the most beautiful cathedral in England.

8)It is the worst school in this town.

9)He is the luckiest man in the world.

10)It is the most difficult exercise in this book.



1)I like detective stories better than poetry.

2)I like swimming better than skating.

3)He likes Wales better than Ireland.

4)We like music better than math.

5)I like milk better than fruit juice.

6)He likes autumn better than summer.

7)They like French cooking better than English cooking.

8)I like dogs better than cats.

9)She likes Mozart better than Chopin.

10)The English like detached houses better than flats.