Salut tout le monde j'éspère que vous aler bien :) moi je vait bien mais j'ai un petit problème en anglais il faut que je fasse une rédaction en anglais ,dont le sujet et : raconter se que l'on n'a fait pendant les vacanse (vous pouvez inventer).

Merci d'invence j'éspère que vous pourrier m'aider . :)



Meilleure réponse !

During the holidays, i went to Paris for 3 weeks with my friends, it was nice but only the two last weeks, because somedays the weather wasn't really good... The first week, it was raining all the time, there were many clouds...It was so boring!! But the second week, the sun came, and it was hot! Then, we went to a swimming pool, we had a picnic for the lunch. In the afternoon, we went shopping, I bought many clothes, and two pairs of shoes. After, the evening arrived...Then my friends and me, went to a restaurant. We ate mushroom and chicken's pizza, we drank Coca-cola. It was delicious! For dessert, we ate a big chocolate ice-cream, it was ok.

After the fabulous dinner, we went to the hotel, for sleeping, it was too late!

The second day, we went to an amusement Park, we went on many rides, some of them were going too fast, but some were really slow..I prefered the fast ones, there we had a lot of fun... We ate cotton candy, it was...Yummy! In the amusement Park, we saw a dog, it was really really cute...I wanted to take it on my arms, but the dog was scared so i couldn't... We also saw a little farm, there were cows, chickens, chicks, horses, and pigs..All of them were really cute, except the chickens, they scared me...

The last week, we did a lot nice things, the sun was there, no raining, no clouds, it was superb!


Voilà :).