Here you have the answer, what's the question?

A/ he likes pudding

b/ No, you can't. It's late.

c/ she's 14

d/ I play tennis twice a week

e/ I've lived in ....... for 10 years

f/ Yes, she does; but she doesn't tidy her room every day.

g/ i'm late, because there was a terrible traffic jam on the road.

h/ i've got one brother and one sister

i/ On my holiday? Oh, i went to Spain

j/ She'll pay me £5 an hour for walking her dog.






A°) Does he like pudding ?


B°) Can you come to my house ?


C°) How old are she ?


D°) What did you do in week ?


E°) Where did you live ?


F°) Did she make her bed ?


G°) Why are you late ?


H°) How many have you got sister and brother ?


I°) Where did you go in your holiday ?

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A/ Does he like pudding?

B/ Can I come with you?

C/ How old is she?

D/ How many times do you practice tennis?

E/ Where did you live?

F/ Did she make her bed?

G/ Why are you late?

H/ How many sisters or brothers you have?

I/ Where did you go on your holiday?

J/ How many £ will she pay you for walking her dog?