Besoin d'aide pour exo en anglais qui est a rendre pour demain, urgent merci. Unscramble the sentences to see what the family wants.

a) Julian / buy some bread/ to/ Dad wants

b) go to bed early/ the twins/ want to/ don't

c) wash the dishes/ him/ he wants/to

d) Mum wants/ to/ the twins/ brush their teeth

e) him/ to/ he xants/ cook diner

f) want to/ watch TV/ they



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a) Dad wants to Julian buy some bread.

b) The twins don't want to do to bed early.

c) He wants him to wash the dishes.
d) Mum wants the twins to brush their teeth.
e) He wants him to cook diner.

f) They want to watch TV.


a) Dad wants to Julian buy some bread

b) the twins don't want to go to bed early

c) he wants to wash him dishes

d) mum wants to the twins brush their teeth

e) he wants to cook him dinner

f) they want to watch TV

voila bonne journée : )