bonsoir c'est mon bioagrapphie sur psy et voulais demander si vous pouvez m'aider a corriger mes fautes et aussi vous pouvez maider que je trouve un notre personne celebre et aussi c'est a l'oral, ses un peu le biographie desole pour ^_^ Psy his real name Park Jae-Sang was born December 31, 1977 in Seoul's Gangnam borough, is a singer-southern coréen1 known worldwide for his song Gangnam Style.

He had studied in the United States, universities of Boston and Berklee College of Music.

He had joined YG Entertainment in 2010.

In 2012, he released the song Gangnam Style which is an international success on the net, many sites had mentioned.

October 23, 2012 he had taught dance Gangnam Style Ban Ki-moon at the headquarters of ONU6.

December 21, 2012, he was the first to exceed a billion views on YouTube for a single video

he criticizes the district Gangam in seoul which is the wealthiest neighborhood of Korea with her clp

he meant he prefers dancing in the bus or the beach instead of dancing in clubs but its video quickly appeared in discotheques he had a choice not to be Gangam



Meilleure réponse !

Psy, as his real name Park Jae-Sang, was born the 31st December 1977 in Seoul's Gangnam borough. He is a southern-korean singer, known on the web thanks to the succes of his song: Oppan Gangnam Style. He studied in the USA, at the Boston's university and at the Berklee College of Music. In 2010, he joined the YG entertainment. In the 23rd October 2012, at the headquarters of ONU, he learns to Ban Ki-moon, how to dance Gangnam Style. One month later, he is the first to reach the one billions views on Youtube for a single video. He criticizes in his video that the Gangnam district is the richest of Korea. He admitted that he would prefer that his song is dancer at the beach or on a bus instead of a club. But the song was quickly move in nightclubs.


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