CC dite moi vôtre avis et mes fautes sur mon petit paragraphe svp merci .

Je dois défendre a l'oral l'organisation WWF en utilisant se guide:

1) Describe an environmental issue.

-What ? (causes/consequences)

-Where ?

2) Explain what your NGO does.

Say why you joined.

3)Explain your friend why he sould join too.

WWF, initially World Wildlife Fund is an international non-governmental organization of nature conservation and the environment, strongly implied(involved) in the sustainable development. WWF believes the future when people and the nature prosper.

Their Mission:
Stop the degradation of the natural environment of the planet
Preservation of the biodiversity of the world.
Promotion( of the reduction of pollution and consumption waster.
Saved the sorts(species) because he it 16 119(sixteen thousand a hundred and nineteen) sorts species which are endangered
I have already joined this organization because their purpose affects me and their organize actions .
For us help you could adopt animals, give some money which will be use wisely and even he shall be enough that you inform people about nature and what threatens it.