Jaimerai vos avis de correction je devait ecrire une redaction sur un de mes voyages en anglais

merci davance !

I Have had the opportunity to travel in England with my 3rd in class during the dayI arrive early in the morning the first day, we went to a "resort" in South LondonA group of students who knew went skiing on the big track, another group was introduced to the basics of skiing. And the last group was the bobsleigh and the buoy track. then we meet our host familycetaitune nly woman with two children, she waswarm and nice but she did not speak FrenchI was staying in a small house in the LondonEVERY evening after our exit we ate pasta, pizza jelly but I is not apreciate the taste, and for dessert we ate that ice, finally she spoiledwith my family we are party one evening bowiling which we kindly paycestai totally different quen frances, entrance contained a bowling game room (billiards pinball ..) Tres decorated and full of light. and bowling was great. just found it next to a ski resort on inside the mall.The third day we visited London. Then we watched a movie in 4D London. Just after we had a picnic in a park, with free time.After we went to visit "the National Gallery," one of the finest museums in the world. On the way there, we passed by Parliament.Then before returning to the bus we stopped at "Bukingham Palace" to take some pictures.The last day of the trip, we visited the beautiful city of Canterbury.We first discovered the remains of the Abbey of St. Augustine.




On dit "I had the opportunity" plutôt, si tu souhaitais dire que tu as fais ton voyage en 3eme, tu peux dire "I travelled in England during my 4th year of high school with my class"


During the day 1, I arrive early in the morning, we went to a resort in South part of London.

A group of students went skiing on a big track .... apres me faudrait la partie francaise plutot pour pouvoir traduire car corriger de l'anglais c'est compliqué sans savoir ce que tu as voulu dire ... merci