J'ai une redaction a faire en anglais mais je ne suis pas sure de ma grammairepouvez vous me dire si ce texte est gramaticalement correct si non où sont les fautes merci New York is my favorite city because there are many things to do. If I had the opportunity to go to New York I would visit the Statue of Liberty because it is part of french history a and also because it is the highest statue in the world 92.99 m. Then, I would mount at the top of the Empire State Building like King Kong and Spiderman Alain Robert who climb with just his hands and without security. After, I would like to visit a Guggenheim Museum because I love art. I love nature thus I'd like to rest in central park. I would also go to see even under what conditions were the immigrants at Elis island. At night I would go see the lights of Time Square and a comedy at Brodway . That is why I really want to go to New York because there are many extraordinary things that you can visit.




Il y a un a en trop entre history et and, sinon c'est bien