bonjours j ai un devoir en anglais mais je n y arrives pas serait il possible de me donner un peux aide merci .


Les vacances de noel sont terminées. tu envoies un mail à ton correspondant anglais pour lui souhaiter une bonne année et lui raconter tes vacances et ton meilleur souvenir .


tu ecris un mail de minimum 10 phases. tu utulises les 2 temps du passé (past simple et past continuous).



Meilleure réponse !

Hi Julia !


I hope you had a great time with your family for christmas. I have so much things to tell you ! But first : HAPPY NEW YEAR ! 

My vacation were so amazing. I've been skying with my family and my best friend. This was the best christmas ever. It was sunny all the week. We had so much fun skying all day ! I hope you would see this, the landscape was ... gorgeous. It was the first time I skied with my family. We ate cheese fondue, I loved it. ;) 

One afternoon, we were skying with my friend and then, a boy felt on me ! It was so fun. We laughed for an hour, no kidding ! And the night, we met the guy again. He was so embarassed. He told me that he was sorry and he invited me to the movies. We decided to keep in touch. 

I wish you were there. Miss you Julia ! 


Happy new year again.

See you Soon,




Happy New Year !!

What did you do during your holidays ?

During my holidays I went to (pays ou ville) to visit my family/my best friend.

I played football with my brother and I spent time with my friends.

Voila, ce n'est pas si compliqué en fin de compte !

Aide toi d'un traducteur si il te manque quelques mots mais lui fit pas traduire des p^hrases completes, généralement, elles ne veulent rien dire.


Bon courage ;)