METTRE LES PHRASES AU STYLE INDIRECT EN UTILISANT LES ELEMENTS DONNES ENTRE PARENTHESES. CONJUGUER LES VERBES AU PRETERIT 1) He will get married next year (he, say). 2) She has not prepared anything to eat (she, exclaim). 3) He is not to be put off with such silly excuses (he, say). 4) They are ruling the country (she, say). 5) The baby began to cry (she, tell, us). 6) I have not heard the bride speak yet (he, say). 7) I will kiss him goodnight (I, say). 8) They have been expecting the answer since last week (they, exclaim). 9) He is making a fuss again (they, realize). 10) Boys will be boys (she, say). 11) They sat near the window yesterday (he, tell, us). 12) Don't behave this way (he, tell, him). 13) You must not offend your mother-in-law (she, tell, him). 14) Why do so many businessmen spend their holidays here? (I, want to know) 15) I am sure I will be able to run that distance (she, say). 16) Stop shouting (she, tell, them). 17) He knows he has won the race (she, say). 18) The lion has been roaring in its cage since yesterday (he, say). 19) Which tools are they going to use? (she, ask, them) 20) Have they stolen anything else? (they, want to know) aidez moi je vous en supplie



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Désolé je sais que le prétérit des verbes


1) He said

2) She exclaimed

3) He said

4) She said

5) She told us

6) He said

7) I said

8) They exclaimed

9) They realized

10) She said

11) He told us

12) He told us

13) She told him

14) I wanted to know

15) She said

16) She told them

17) She said

18) He said

19) She asked them

20) They wanted to know