Bonjour , est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait corriger les fautes de syntaxe ou les phrases mal tournées svp , c'est grave urgent :(

Bonjour , est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait corriger les fautes de syntaxe ou les phrases mal tournées dans ma rédaction svp :)
The two paintings dating back to the Victorians age (19th century) , They illustrated the contrast between the upper class and the middle class.
In the first painting , the scene takes place in a dining room . All the people gather , they sit at the table which is well-stocked , and they eat and drink . The dining room is well decorated : in the background we can see paintings fixed on the wall , a lamp , red curtains and in the foreground , on the floor , a decorated carpet. All those decorations were signs of wealth and comfort at the Victorian age. Also , the characters are well dressed : ladies and girls wear long dresses and are well-groomed ; men and boys wear a suit . The atmosphere is peaceful and cheerful : people are gathered in a harmonious room . They’re all looking at the direction of the little girl which is crowned and located in the middle of the picture . A wreath of flowers surrounds her . She’s pointing up by her position on the painting (in the middle , the most visible point of the picture) and by the wreath of flowers . On the left , there’s a woman who carries gifts . Whereas , the presents may be are for this girl . The children are well-behaved : they all sat at the table and aren’t dispersed . It evinces that they have better ways of behaving. They looked obedient and polite by their manners : on the right , a little girl passing a glass to a man sitting reading a paper in an armchair . At table , a boy drink in a cup . On the contrary , on the second painting , the population is in the street , and not in a wealthy decorated room . We pass from a table which represents a dinner in the upper class to a picture which represents the misery at the Victorian age : the lower class . These people live in (under) miserable and terrible conditions : The atmosphere look sad : children fell on the ground , they are cram into themselves Their situation is dissimilar as people from the first picture : Childrens and their mothers are very numerous , and under bad living conditions : they suffer from the lack of food , cleanliness and safety because they live in a slum . On the right of the picture , there are children who are in a basement . Maybe they work at the shoe-repair shop . They have to work despite their age , whereas the children of the upper class don’t have to work . It doesn’t fit with them society class . Kids are badly groomed and badly dressed : they’re barefooted and filthy , their clothes are dirty , unlike children in the first painting. There’s a gap between him and the people in the first painting : they haven’t received the same education and they didn’t raise in the same social category . Children in the first painting are well-behaved because their environment requires them to have excellent ways of behaving for their role in society is important , they come from the upper class. On the contrary , kids in the second painting are badly educated against other children. On the contrary , kids on the second painting are badly educated against other childrens . They don’t certainly have the same manners as children from the upper class. Poor peoples came downtown to find a work(job) because of the industrialization that provides work . So ,poor peoples don’t have time to educate their children , they let themselves face .