Who was the first président of United States of America?
Where and when was the Statue of Liberty built?
How was it raised in New-York city?
Why are there so many eathquakes on the west coast ?
How was killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy ?
How often are elected Présidents?
Which effects the subprimes have on USA citizens?
What happenned during the Secession War ?
Who was Martin Luther King?
From which countries come the majotity of the population?
How many hours'diferences are there between New York and Los Angeles?
Why is the 66 road famous for?
How many qurters are there in New York city?
What is Broadway famous for?
Which is the longest river in USA?
Why do the Indians have to leave into reservation?
Which city is the most populated?
Where are all the black people cominng from?
How many states are there?
Can you name them?
Which is the federal capital of the USA?
What is Chicago famous for?
What happened on September the 11th 2001?
What is celebrated on the 4th of July?
What is the Saint Patrick's day?
Can you name some national parks in California?
What was Andy Warhol famous for?
Are the laws the same in every States of America?
Whose was belonging the island of Tetiaora ?

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