Coucou , j'ai un devoir en Anglais ou il faut que je raconte mes vacances , merci de bien vouloir corriger si il y'a des fautes ! On the one hand the first week of vacation, I saw my friends and family, I also left the cinema, a swimming pool. when I go to the pool, I swim and I like swimming a long time, I beat everybody, and I enjoyed myself. I am also parties to the rink at depats it was complicated, I often fell, but in the end I used to and I skated pretty well. During the holidays, I went to Paris to see the great monument as the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. I rest, I surfet on the internet during my free time I am left dejeuné Chinese, Mexican, moreover I found her very delicious, I went shooping, and on weekds I go bowling and I am pretty well fend.Second the week I went to the mediatheque or I revise my control and finished my homework

Version FR / D'une part la premiere semaine de vacances , j'ai vus mes amis et ma familles , je suis egalement partis au cinema , a la piscine. quand je suis aller a la piscine , j'ai nager et comme je fais natation depuis longtemps , j'ai battu tout le monde, et je me suis bien amusé . Je suis partis egalement a la patinoire , au depats , c'étais compliqué , je suis souvent tombé , mais au final ,je me suis habitué et je patiné plutot bien . Pendant ces vacances , je suis partit a Paris , pour revoir des grand monument tel que la tour eiffel ou le louvre . Je me suis reposer , j'ai surfet sur internet , Pendant mon temps libre je suis partis dejeuné chinois et mexicain , d'ailleurs j'ai trouve sa trés delicieux , Je suis aller faire du shooping , et en fin de semaine je suis aller au bowling ou je suis plutot bien debrouiller . La deusieme semaine je suis allé a la mediatheque



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The first week of my  vacation, I saw my friends and family. I also went to cinema ( saw a film),  swimming pool. When I go to the pool, I swim and I like swimming for a long time, I win everytime , and I enjoy myself. I also went to parties  at  the rink at Depats and it was complicated. I often fell, but towards the end I skated pretty well. During the holidays, I went to Paris to see the great monuments like the  Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. Then I  took rest, I surfed on the internet during my free time. I had food in the Chinese and Mexican restuarants and I found the food very delicious. I went shopping, and in the weekends I went bowling and I played  pretty well . During the second  week I went to the mediatheque and I revised for  my exams and  i also finished my homeworks.