The Nobel prize is an international reward(award) awarded every year to people having brought a " big profit in the humanity ". This price(prize) bears the name of the Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel, who bequeathed all his fortune for the creation of this price(prize).

There are in reality several prices(prizes), because this reward(award) is put back(handed) in 5 different domains: the physics, the chemistry, the medicine, the literature and the peace. The people who receive a Nobel prize became famous in their discipline thanks to an invention, a discovery, a work of art, a particular work...

bonjour ! Donc j'ai traduit un texte qui parle des Nobel prix pouvez vous corriger mes fautes ?



Que dire ? Ben... Tout va bien. Je ne vois pas de fautes dans ton texte. 
Je pense que tu as fini ton devoir :)