Qui pourrais m'aide a corriger les fautes

It was in Mash,
I had six year. I was not working well at school. My parents said I had to make
my effort into working to help me he had bought me the special yard. They also
had forbidden me to play console games. It did me learn from my mistakes and
much progress. But my difficulty in French and English was not improving. So
parents, but asked me to make efforts in its fields. Then at the end of the
difficulties but I was off for a new world

Merci d'avance !!



Je comprends pas trop ton texte tu pourrais l'écrire en français et je traduis stp ?
It Was in Mash, I Had six year. I Was not working well at school. My Parents Said I Had to make Into my efforts working to help me HE HAD Bought me the special yard. They aussi HAS forbidden me to play