Il faut me presenter en anglais
mickael jones
96 Curry ford road orlando (florida)
favorite subject:english
after scool activity :Us football (practise=pratiquer)
<3 do sport/play video games
</3 eat vegetables
merci davance



Bonjour ,

Mickael Jones is a 18 year old teenager. He was born in september , the 22th of 19996. He is from Miami , Florida in the USA.
He lives in Florida , more precisely 96 curry ford road orlando .
He has one brothe and 2 sisters . He has some pets : 14 fish , 2 rabbits , 1 dog
He is crazy about speaking english at school.
After school he practices  us football, he likes practising sport and playing video games
He hates eating vegetables

Et voilà 
merci mais pouquoi ta larquer crazy
c'est une expression
mais tu parle de toi donc c'est I ??
c'est pas he ...
ah , je pensais que c'était une personne donc change he is --> I am et enleve les S aux verbes
My name is mickael jones. I am 18 years old.
Dsl je navais pas terminer et mon tel a beuguet