Tu es l'invité(e) de l'émission de radio intitulée Help me if you can. Donne des conseils aux auditeurs qui t'appellent.
exemple ⇒ I've been rejected by my clique ! (worry)
" You shouldn't worry about that ".
a- Hi, I'm so disgusted ! My parents don't want me to go to Alicia's pyjama party ! (talk)
b- Hello ? My best friend is going out with my boyfriend ! ( break up )
c- Hi, when I look at myself in the mirror I think I'm horrible! ( go to the hairdresser's)
d- All the guys in the team laugh at me beause I never score any goals ! ( wear glasses)
e- My girlfriend doesn't like my style ! She wants me to shave my head ! (listen)



A) you should talk with them.
B) you should break up
C) etc...