1. What is the nature of the text?

2. Fill in the blanks of the summary, taking words from the text.

The narrator is a young ……………….who is returning to his ……………..after having resided in Seattle. At first he falls into apathy and only watches ………………without
even reading the …………of the newspaper to find a job. However, he begins to practice ……………….again and gets ready to play with other Indians.

b) Back home

4. What was the narrator’s family
reaction on his return? Where is an Indian’s real place
traditionally? (quote to justify
your answer)

5. How do we see that at first he is

6. How did his mother express her
concern for him?



Meilleure réponse !

 1) the nature ot the text is a realistic story of a young indian returning to his roots after having lived  in a a modern city; it shows the dfficulties of changing habits from two differnts ways of life.

2) indian...family....television...ads....basketball

3) Back home
4) The narrator' familyare Indians living in a reservation of Indians.His family isn't surprised to see his son coming back home. They'd expecting this day since he left for Seatle

4) An Indian's real place is with his roots, his own culture. An old Indian poet said that Indians can reside in a city, but can never live there..
This young Indian admit that , after a while,out of shape from drinking  felt sad not knowing if he would be good again. He knows that stories of cowboys ( citizen of big, modern cities) and indians is over; just happened in movies; the real life for him is Indians versus Indians : that's the most intense competition; because he allready knows that, as he left for  civilization, the other lembers of the resevation will try to have a revenge against him

5) He is depressed because he stays in front of TV, he flips through channels as he was searching for answers to his spleen.he doesn't even look at the adds circles by his mother in the newspapers.

6) Her moter is worried : "what are you going to do with te rest of your lifa"

je n'ai pas parlé du paragraphe 2 tu peux inclure dans tes réponse qu'il était promis à un avenir brillant et que cela doit être une des raison qui lui ont fait sauter le pas, mais les indiens sont trop attachés à leur histoire et qd bien même ils peuvent passer du tps loin de chez eux, leurs racines les rattappent

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