My name is Carol and i'm 13 years old.I live in L.A. my family.I've got one sister her name is Susan and one brother his name is Henry.I go to L.A. school with Susan and Henry.My father's name is Jack.he is a policeman  a trader in New York.My mother a techer,her name is Janette..
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Hello my name is Lovely, and i am 14 years old. I am french, and i live in the outskirts of Paris. We are four in our family. My parents,my little sister and i live in a cottage. My father's name is David, and he is a software engineer. My mother's name is Aureli, and she is a music teacher. My little sister's name is Sarah, and she is 9 years old. We  also have a little dog called 'Happy'. I am in the 10th grade in Jules Ferry college. I love my college and i have lots of friends. I am very sociable and friendly. I love languages. I am learning english and spanish at school. Outside school, i play tennis twice a week, and my mother gives me guitar lessons twice a week too. I love playing guitar. My sister plays the piano, so sometimes we play some songs together. I love cycling. In the weekends, when the temperature is good, my friends and i go out and have fun.