Bonjour à tous ! Très important s'il vous plaît !!!! Exercices Mettre les phrases données au prétérit simple et ajouter yesterday. 1. The greengrocer sells a lot of vegetables. 2. Nobody is coming for dinner. 3. The film's starting too late. 4. My friends bring me some cakes. 5. His grandfather gives him some posticards. Répondre aux questions suivantes en utilisant le complément de temps donné et ago. Exemple : Have you cut he grass ? (a month) Yes I cute it a month ago 1. Has philip seen his friend ? (a week) 2. Have the girls painted their room ? ( three monhs ) 3. Have you called your grandparents ? (an hour) 4. Have you ever been to Amercia ? (two years) 5. Have the Browns bought a new car ? (two months ).




1. Yesterday the greengrocer sold a lot of vegetables.

2. Yesterday nobody was coming for dinner.


Ainsi de suite.. Attention aux verbes irréguliers.


1. Yes he saw him a week ago.

2. Yes they painted it three month ago.


Ainsi de suite.. Attention aux verbes irréguliers et au sujet.