Bonjour à tous très important s'il vous plaît !!!!! en anglais ! Mettez les phrases suivantes à la forme interrogative, puis à la forme négative. Ex: She liked that film.- Did she like that film ? She didn't like than film 1.Tom worked at night. Did 2. You remembered his phone number. 3.Sheila forgot her english book, 4.They agreed with you. 5.Richard brought his guitar. 6.The children did their room this morning. 7.She had bacon and eggs for her breakfast. 8.They finished work at 7.00 last night.



Meilleure réponse !

1- Did Tom work at night. Tom didn't work at night

2- Did you remember his phone number. You didn't remember his phone number. 

3- Did Sheila forget her english book. Sheila didn't forget her english book.

4- Did they agree with you. They didn't agree with you.

5- Did Richard bring his guitar. Richard didn't bring his guitar.

6- Did the children do their room this morning. The children didn't do their room this morning.

7- Did she have bacon and eggs for her breakfast. She didn't have bacon and eggs for her breakfast.

8- Did they finish work at 7.00 last morning. They didn't finish work at 7.00 last morning.