Pour la 1 : My name is Sarah 
Pour la 2: I am (ton age ) years old 
Pour la 3 : I live in ( tu mets ou tu habite ) 

pour la 3 tu mets pas i live in ... mais tu mets i born (et tu mets ou tu est nee ) et par contre pour la 5 tu mais i live in ( et ta le nom de ta ville ou tu habite )
pour la 6 tu mets my number phone is ( tu mets ton numero ) pour la 7 tu mets my nationality is ( tu mets ta natuonaliter )
pour la 8 i have (le nombre de frere) brother
My name is ?
I am ? yeats old
I was born on (ex) June  fifth 2000
I was born in ?
I live in ?
My phone number is .. .. .. .. ..
my nationality is "french" ou + simplement "I am ?"
I have a smaller brother and two older sisters or I'm an only child (par ex)
yes I have got one/No, I haven't got any
yes I have (a cat, a dog etc..)/ no, Ihaven't got any
Il faut que tu te décrives: I have long curly blond hair/ I have got short straight black hair and blue (green, dark eyes).I'm slim(not very slim) and rather tall (short)
My best frien is ? (s'il y a un lien de parenté précise-le)
I like junk food/healthy food
I like rap, RnB, pop-rock, classical etc...music
My hobbies,during my free time, are doing shopping, listening to music etc.....
On Saturdays, I usually do my homeworks to get rid of them and be free on the evening and on Sundays/ I meeet my friends to go shopping etc.....
I prefer studying x, x, x, than x,x,x,x
I walk to school, I take the bus to...., My parents drive me to.....
Every day, I wake up at ?
là je peux pas répondre à ta place : quelles sont tes qualités, tes points forts et tes points faibles (moralement)
as tu jamais travaillé à l'étranger : Yes, I've already work abroad/No, I've never worked abroad
Si oui où es tu allée : I went to ?
quels pays aimerais tu visiter : I would like to visit ? ? ?
qu'aimerais tu faire qd tu seras adulte (métier, famille, résidence. Je te donne 2 ex) .I would like to work from home so I could take care of my children and live not too far from my family/ I would like to work abroad to get differents experiences, learn other ways of living for a while, then maybe I'll go back to France to have a quieter life

Y a bcp de choses perso et c'est dur de répondre à ta place
Si t'as un pb de vocab, j'essaierai de t'aider si tu veux