Bonsoir, j'ai beaucoup de mal en anglais,pouvez vous m'aider svp

Complétez le texte suivant en mettant les verbes entre parenthèses au prétérit
ou au plus-que-parfait (simple ou en be +-ing)

Écrivez seulement les réponses sur votre copie mais dans l’ordre.

The first time Dunbar came to the village was back last summer. He had found a wounded woman by the river. She had a bad wound on the side of her head and since he (can, not) revive her he (decide) it (be) better to take her back to the village. At that time he (feel) very lonely. He (hear, not) from his commander for months and he no longer (know) what he (do) there. Previously, when the commander (offer) him to keep the outpost at the frontier he (see) it as an opportunity to be alone with his own thoughts. However, soon the solitude of his life (become) inhuman and only the daily visit of the wolf (take) him away from madness. But, now that he (come) to know the Indians he (know) that he (belong) there, in the Prairie.

on doit choisir entre les deux ou les deux ?
non je doit choisie entre au prétérit ou au plus-que-parfait


Meilleure réponse !
He could't revive............he decided it (would be) was better.................................
At the time, he was feeling....he hadn't been hearing ou was not hearing (ça dépend si tu as appris le 1er sinon prends le 2ème)......he no longer knew what he was doing there................had been /was offering him......he saw it....became....was taking him.....he came....he knew.....was belonging

Have a nice day :)
j'ai du mal a comprendre pouvez vous mieux m'expliqué et mettre le texte en ordre svp je doit l'envoyer demain je suis au cned
pouvez vous me l'envoyer en pv svp
En pv ça bloque : je re-recommence !!! : could not revive; decided; was; was feeling; was not hearing; knew; was doing; was offering; saw; became; was taking; came; knew; was belonging. Ce que je voulais te dire c'est que si tu as appris le past continuous :have+ been+, ça serait mieux pour hear et offer : he had not been hearing et had been offering. Merci !
meeeerciiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!