Description de l'imageen anglais!
je ne comprend pas l'anglais aidé svp!!

est-ce que on doit inventer leur noms etc....
on this image, we can see 7 persons: 3 women, two men and two childs. they are maybe an indian family.
est ce qu'ilfaut aussi dire cmt ils sont habillés etc?
tu es en quelle classe


We can see 7 persons there are 4 womans and 3 mans
In this picture we see a Hindu family are really perceive parents may have children this is a beautiful family they look happy during the break of the photo

In this image , i can see an Indian family.  It seems to me that its  a portrait of the family. I guess the man sitting must be the grandfather, and the woman in the sari ( a traditional dress worn by Indian women) with  her hand around the mans shoulder must be the grandmother. The two yound ladies wearing salwar ( also a traditional dress) one on the left and the other on the right must be their daughters, because i see some sort of resemblance to the grandmother. The man standing on the right hand side , next the young lady, must be her husband. The two children in the front must be their grandchildren.