Voici une lettre, il faut repondre aux questions Merci a vous :)
Hi jason ****how have you been?
I hope that all is well in Chico and that you've settled in ok
Ihave, sort of. Saying, goodbye to mom and dad was harder than i thought. Watching them drive off the other day made me realize how much i was going to miss them. I am sharing a room with a girl from texas named karen. She is quite nice but she already has many friends here on campus, so i barely ever see her. She is such an outgoing person. If she wants to meet people, she just pipes right up and says hi. I wish i could be more like her. You know how difficult it is for me to make new acquaintances, and college is no exception. It seems that everyone but me has bonded with other students to form close-kknit groups and i have no idea how i could join one of them. I havent been invited to a party or anything yet, and i usually spend my evenings in my dorm room reading or watching tv, which is not exactly the college life i had envisionned. Maybe i should join a club or fraternity? Rush begins next wenesday i might give it a try. Clases are ok, but rather challenging. I've already been given many assignments and i spend most of my time at the library, wich is actually not too bad as it's always really bussy and i get to talk to other students in the library cafeteria. So everall it's been a rather disconcerting first couple of weeks, but i guess i just need time to adjust. What about you? How are classes? Have you already made friends? I look forward to hearing from you Take care

Type of document
how many characters can you list? (names/ situation)
compare the narrotor and her roomate in terms personality (3 adjectifs)
"wich is not exactly the college life i had envisioned" what did the narrator expect?( Answer 3 sentences.)




type of document  : a letter

1. characters. the Narrator of the letter, Jason ( Narrotor's friend),  Mom and Dad ( Narrator's parents),  Karen ( Narrator's roomate)

2. karen ( nice, outgoing) Narrator ( difficult)

3. The narrator had expected to make friends and be invited to parties, and go out and have some fun with others.

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