Bonjour je suis très nul en anglais aidez moi svp !!!

use the Zodiac's handwriting and the content of the letter to profile him. Make his portrait using some of these words : organized/disorganized,messy/precise,sane/insane,well-educated/poorly-educated,self-centered/generous



This man is an organized, precise, insane, poorly-educated, self centered person
Meilleure réponse !
This man is very organized in everything, but not only that. He's precise, poorly-educated but always do his best to get something by his self. He's self-centered. That's was a basic personnality about him.
merci !
mais il faut que je fasse 10 lignes
ah alors essaie de developper et met plus dadjectifs et ecrit dautres choses
oui c'est ce que j'ai fait et encore merci !