Elle est (brune) elle a les cheveux(bruns) il sont (long )
cet fille est (grande) elle a les yeux( bleu)
She was alone, next to a tree. She was tall and beautiful. Her hair looked like gold. She was so fine. Her eyes were blue. I heard people behind me call her Cinderella.
Dispite the fact that she didn't smile, she was looking funny. She wore a dress. She was really pretty.

Voilà, j'espère que cela te conviendra :) 
no i haven t facebook ! why all this questions ?
for the friend for cominucation
Oh you are nice but i m not here to meet people, i m just here to help them if i can ! But don t hesitation, if you have a problem for an english exercice, i will be happy to help you ;)
thank you very much
You are welcome ahmedtaha02