Bonjour : je dois faire 5 phrase en parlant de last weekend in nxl pouvez-vous m'aidé merci

last week i went to the cinema
last week i saw my brother/sister/boyfriend/girlfriend
last week i draw a sunset
tu peux dire n'importe quoi, il faut juste être imaginatif ! :)
last week i did my homework. i drove a car. i ran during 3 hours. i visited a museum. i wrote a song.... etcccc



Last weekend, i went fishing with my grandfather.

Last weekend, i played tennis with my friend Kevin.

Last weekend, i watched Dance with stars on the television.

Last weekend, i bought a new video game.

Last weekend, i walked twenty kilometres with my father.

Last weekend i vited my family
i going to the cinéma
i played football
i reading book