I'm so happy to go with my bestfriend in Hawai ! We arrived at  2:00 pm in this lovely house. We enter, that's so exciting. We run into our room, we laying our baggages, we put our swimsuit and run into the swimming pool! The father's Jessie call us for the taste, we go in the kitchen, take pancakes and put a lot of nutella, it's was very good. After that, we return into the swimming pool, and Jessie finds a door in the bottom the water. Me and her was son scary about that, but we decided ton oper this door and discover what there are behind this. Jessie open the door, I take my respiration and I follow Jessie. We go back to the surface, take breath. Jessie call me, and she told me to look at the wall. It was written things, words in other languages. We didn't understand, and we heard a voice. During 1 minutes, I thank it was Jessie but no, it was a little boy, he asked help. We decided to find this little boy, I think I never swim like that and 3 minutes after we find this boy, he was lost and very bad. We ask him, why this boy was here alone ? He says, "My big brother enclose me, I want to see my parents!!!". Later, boy's parents and Police came in our salfe catering, and for some reasons we don't know why this boy was enclose in this room but let see the best things, Me and Jessie had saved this little boy !                                                              J'espère que c'est bon, par contre le texte n'est pas parfait non plus, il y aura peut être des petites erreurs, j'espère t'avoir t'aider :)