Meilleure réponse !
- Hi darling !
- Hi !! 
- So where are you ?
- I m just leaving the train!!!
- Ah ok ! and what will you do now ?
- heu...I will go to ...
- To ...??? Darling I don't ear you very well...! 
- Sorry baby ...it's because there is a lot of noise here !
- ok !! so what will you do and where will you go now ? 
- I must go to Picadillty circus and...
- Oh my god ! Picadilly ?? You must go to the little shop you know in the corner..
- but...
- oh baby please !! you must go there I saw a very nice red bag in this shop !!

- But I have no time to do shopping and you know it ! I'm in London for work 
- Oh please please please my little love !!! I m sure you can do it !!
- Yes of course I can but it will be difficult for me ....so if I have time I promise you I will go o buy your bag !!!!!!!
- Of course you have time for your pretty wife !!!
- yes....
- kiss  darling !! I love you so much ...
- yes me too ....pfffff  see you later !