Hello, Demi ! Can I ask you some questions, if you don't mind ?

- Demi Lovato is your stage name. What's you real name ?
- Do you have pets ?
- What are your origins ?
- Would you like to have brothers ?
- What did you feel when your father died ?
- Do you have any plans for your future life ?
- When did you cried, last time ?
- What's you favorite dish ?
- What's your favorite gift for your birthday ?
- Do you have a message for your fans, the Lovatics ?
En tant que star on va faire comme si c'etait un acteur ok ,

- When did you begin you job ?
- Do you like it ?
- Why ?
- Do you travel a lot for your job ?
- Do you have a lot of friends who do the same job like you ?
- Do you know a lot of another star like you ?
- You play in a lot of films, so can you say which one you prefer ?
- Do you win a lot of money ?
- Can you see your family as you want ? 
- Isn t it too difficult to be far from them ?
- Would you like to change your job ?

It s very difficult because I miss my family a lot . I love them more than everybody ....
would you.......
never !!! It s my life !!!
voilà j pense que ça devrait le faire !!!!!!!!!!!
merci beaucoup