Shailene Woodley plays Tris: Tris is a strong,sixteen-year-old girl who hates showing weakness. Though Tris was born in the faction Abnegation, she eventually transferred to Dauntless and must face the fact that she is Divergent. When she arrives in her new faction, she opted for a change of name to go by, using Tris as a nickname for Beatrice, hoping for a fresh start in a new faction.
Theo James plays Four: Four/ Tobias Eaton is the faction transfer instructor. He becomes Tris' love interest. Four is an Abnegation transfer who left because of his father and his Divergence.
Jai Courtney plays Eric. Eric was born in Erudite and transfers to Dauntless. In Divergent, he is one of the leaders of Dauntless. He is cruel and harsh and takes pleasure from others' pain.

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c'est en rapport avec le film ? il faut décrire les personnages du film