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Je pense que tu veux qu l'on déponde aux questions 1 à 6 :
1) The scene takes place in a restaurant "The Huddle House" in Brunswick, Georgia, very late in the morning just before lunch (for a very late breakfast) or an early lunch.As Roger Kiser hesitates between an early lunch or a very late breakfast, a nice looking woman, called Barbara,wife of Tony Claxton ,asgs him if his name is Roger. (en plus court) Three personns are present : Roger kiser,Mrs Barbara Claxton and her husband, Tony Claxton.
2) He is rather confused as (because) he has never seen this woman before.
3)  He's rather shocked, so surprised to meet the guy who had made fun of him, bullied him for years at highschool, on their 7th grade geography class, now sitting in a wheelchair.
4) Tony is now disabled, in a wheel chair. He has lost a lot of weigh and( seems to realiz realires how he acted agaisnt Roger and even wonders if Roger isn't happy to see him disabled as a revenge.
5) The "darn thing" is the ramp that comes down from the van to help the wheel chair to get into the van.  As this darn (damned) thing is stuck, Roger pays his bill, walks up to the van, grabs the wheelchair and rolls Tony to the van, locks the brakes, then he asks Tony to put his arms around his neck and ,carefully, raises him on the passenger seat of the van.
6) Yes they are. Roger is
dslé, mon ordi bug : Roger is sure that Tony will be his only friend from these high school days. They laugh together before saying good bye. Tony has realized the way he was before and Roger, even if he has suffered at that time, isn't angry. He doesn't need a revenge. That was before, a long time ago
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