svp j'ai besoin d'aide c'est pour dem1!! voila en anglais je dois dire pk les medias on un fort pouvoirs le monde ! comme quoi ils peuvent rendre un couple innocent et inversement et faut que je donne des exemple aidez moi svp je suis à cour d'idée !! (dites moi tous en français je traduirai !! ) merci d'avance à ceux qui m'aideront!!




Firstly, wondering why involve the media and manipulation. How is it that you distrust or that one should be wary of the media? What are the phenomena singled out? Which is designated as "pulling the strings", which is pointed as responsible, and why? Note that concern is to examine and interpret phenomena, their reasons, not to take sides, especially for a particular political action. That article wants to fight, it is precisely the absence of a positive review (a balanced judgment) vis-à-vis the media.
It is especially in this first time, to ask why the question arises handling (power issues, issues of critical thinking ...)!
Then we ask how the media to inform us proceed. Means by which they could manipulate or at least biased information? What are the trends? How to decrypt?
Finally, we will try to see if there is a real influence. Rather than answer categorically, we formulate the question in a positive way: what can we trust? Rather than supply a suspicion (some of it) to the media system taken as a whole, we will try to think of issues in terms of solutions, tools and attitudes to achieve a critical confidence, nuanced, towards the media.
We will discover throughout this article that criticized the media is also to understand and criticize the society in which they are born, that is to say, the views and typical uses of these, as well as environmental ideologies. It should be personal introspection also to update our own attitudes and beliefs in relation to the information conveyed. Manipulation is perhaps not where they say most often it is.
You wish to pursue the issue of the media, their derivatives, influences, but also the social relations they generate? Visit my watch and curation and media company or a broader framework for thinking through the table of contents of the blog.
1. Therefore the question of influence? Who is behind? What issues?

Which issues to communicate?
Historically, what have been the excesses of the media?
What are the facts identified as problematic?
This is an introduction, which also explains why today, there are systematic patterns of distrust over the media.


Rendre des couples innocents ? 

Alors là, je n'ai pas compris ta demande ...

Mais pour répondre simplement à la question :

"Pourquoi les médias ont-ils un pouvoir important sur la population ?"

Tu pourrais dire que par exemple, pour les produits de beauté (parfums, céréales pour rester en bonne forme, cheveux lisses et brillants), ils présentent toujours la personne comme magnifique, comme la numéro 1, comme l'idéal.

C'est pourquoi, cela insiste les femmes à aller dans les magasins de produits de beauté ou de produits sains pour pouvoir leur ressembler, pouvoir ressembler à la personne idéale, parfaite ...

Tu comprends ce que je veux dire ?

En espérant avoir répondu à ta question :D