Je vas pas te faire le résumé mais te donner des idée comme par exemple : 
Choses négatives : My friend is crazy because he is a lot of pancakes every day 
Ou aussi 
Choses positives : I like my friend because with him I play all the time
Voila pour quelques idée bien sur tu peux changer les phrases ou les développer c'est toi qui vois Bonne Journée !!! :)
Merci !
Si tu trouve ma réponse correcte tu peux la mettre comme étant la meilleure :D Bonne continuation
De rien :)
D'accord, mais il y en a une qui est un peu meilleire que la tienne, une prochaine fois peut être:)
Okay pas de problème ;)
Meilleure réponse !

My friend is a very hardworking and  an ambitous person. At this young age, he has always been thinking of a bright future, and has never given up working hard for it. At the same time , he is very positive and honest. For him , family is important, and he can go to any extent to make them happy. He is good-hearted and generous. He is smart, and very intelligent. He never gives up before difficulties, and always optimsitic.

My friend has negative qualities too. Even if working hard is good, he is not sociable. He thinks talking to people is a waste of time. He does not know how to behave in public. He is quite short-tempered and frank, so never thinks twice before talking. Though he is generally a good person, this quality of his  has caused him a lot of problems with people. People never stay too long with him, to understand him. So, he has no friends.

( i hope this helps you!!! )))