Bonjours j'ai besoin d'aide pour cet exercice car je ne comprend pas merci

what are the extrax doing? where are they ?
.je visualise ce que font les figurant a partir de la reaction du metteur en scene. quelle forme

1/walk faster and look at the shops.
2/it's a waltz ! one two three , one two three !
3/ look at the camera when you stop at the red light.
4/ don't make so much noise with your forks.
5/ remembre uyou're gladiators ! be more energetic !




1.They are in the streets. They are walking.

2.They are in the dancing hall. They are dancing.

3.They are in a car. They are driving.

4.They are in a restaurant. They are eating.

5.They are in an arena. They are fighting.

Le metteur en scène donne un conseil à l'acteur.Par rapport à ce conseil, tu dois imaginer ce que fais l'acteru.
Exemple. Look at the camera !! The actress is looking her partner