Rédiger un texte racontant comment vous avez vécu une catastrophe naturelle (de votre choix)

je vais parler d'un feu de forêt en Californie, il faut dire avec qui j'étais, ce qu'il s'est passé, comment je me suis échappé et ce que jai fait après cette catastrophe, expliquer notre ressenti, et dire comment on se sent maintenant.. Merci d'avance
J'ai fait un autre texte mais je peux pas le mettre


One year ago my entire house broke because of an earthquake. luckily no one in my family got hurt because we were in holiday. but hundreds of people died and many houses got destroyed. my life has change because of this earthquake, I will now donate money to all the charities that help in rebuilding destroyed houses.
J'ai oublié de donner des détails sur le sujet je suis désolé, merci quand même !:)
Meilleure réponse !

Last summer , i had been to California for three weeks. I stayed with my uncle and aunt. They have two children, John  who is  my age and Rosy who is two years  younger to us. They have a dog called 'Tiger'. The first week was fun. I had a great time with my cousins. The second week , we stayed at home because John had to participate in a hockey match. One night  after dinner, all of us went to sleep, but we were suddenly woken up by Tiger's barking. My uncle and aunt opened the front door, and we could  hear loud shouts, people screaming, and police sirens too. At the beginning , i couldn't understand anything, but i felt very hot, and the air was irrespirable.My uncle was asking us to hurry up, and he was shouting , fire, fire! My aunt and Rosy were terrified and in tears. The police were asking the residents to vacate the place. We heard a police telling the residents that it might be the campers in the forest who have set fire.He also adviced everyone to vacate quickly, because the fire might spread very fast due to the draught conditions that was faced by California lately. We got into our uncle's car, and fled from the place. We were miserable leaving the house, and did not know whats going to happen! While going in the car, i could see the whildfire killing all the plant life in its path. The air was suffocating, and i could see how it was difficult for the firmen to combat this wildfire. The rest of the night we stayed in one of my aunt's friends house, but to see my family in this condition terrified me. John and Rosy were very quite, and  tears ran down Rosy's face without her kowledge. My aunt was heartbroken, and my uncle was worried about the house and the future. I felt very guilty because in my heart , i just wanted to leave Califonia and get back home. I was very uncomfortable in this situation, and i didn't know how to console my cousins . I realised, if it was not for 'Tiger' , we wouldn't have managed to be out of the house in time.

 But, thank god, the firemen managed to put out the fire by next evening, and the residents were allowed to return to their homes. We were quite devasted to see many houses burnt , but at the same time happy to see our house safe.

Well, now that a year has passed by, when i think of my vacation in California, I am still terrified. I sometimes get nightmares.