Je suis en terminale S et j'ai beaucoup de mal en anglais. Je viens de terminer un texte argumentatif sur la notion mythes et héros pourriez-vous me le corriger et surtout m'aider à comprendre mes erreurs.
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I’m going to
talk about the myths and heroes. First of all I would like to give a definition
of this notion. I have search in an English dictionary. For myth, there had been
two definitions: either a myth is a legend or a myth is a fallacy. So a myth is an exceptional
story but it’s not always real. For a hero, there had been three definitions: a
hero is a person

who is admired by many people for doing something brave or good or is the
main male character in a story, novel, film/movie, etc. or is that you admire
because of a particular quality or skill that they have. Therefore a hero is a real
or fictional person who is admired by many people for varied reason. How can myths and heroes influence people’s

First, I think
a myth can changed a life of people in order to it is an ideal for their. The
American is the best example. Many people come in States because they believe
in this myth. What is this myth? Many political people or star say the USA is an
ideal country because you are rich and satisfied if you live in America. But in
the real life, that’s not sure. One of hand, it’s not because you come in
America that you climb up the social ladder . In other hand, if you are rich,
are you pleased? For me, without any money, you can’t have a comfortable life
life and you always have ton money contributes to provide material it’s obvious
that money contributes to provides material happiness. However when you have
everything that you want, you may get bored and you aren’t not sure necessary
happy. Moreover some people are only interested in your money and it’s hard to
have true friends. So during many years, many people immigrate in USA. They
would an American Dream but it’s a legend.

Finally, some
people admire an people, that is their hero. This hero influence their choice
so as to it’s their ideal. For instance, Steve Jobs is one of “Apple Computer” company’s creator. Many people could identify with Mrs Job so as
to he didn’t have a easy life but he had fight to achieve is objectives. In fact, he was adopted, he left university
and yet he was an entrepreneur. He was revolutionizing the Computer World. Richard Brandson who is a Jobs’ friend said “So
many people drew courage from Steve”.
Therefore many people identify with their hero and they are inspired by
heroes’ life.

To conclude
myth and hero influence behaviour of people if they admit this myth or this

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