Coucou !!! J'aurais besoin d'aide pour construire une petite phrase en Anglais :
Je fais un travail sur une recherche de colocataire .... mais il faut dire quelle genre de personne on recherche ... (fille ou garçon personalité hobbies habitude etc...)
J'ai déjà commencé le travail (moi je cherche une colocataire gentille et travailleuse T.T) mais je galèèère !!! (Et comment on dit "je recherche une....") please evitez d'utiliser google traduction !!!



I'm searching for a roomate who is nice and possibly polite. I also want her to be a hard working girl so that we can help each other on our home work and stuff like that. It would be great if we had the same hobbies so that we can talk about them. And of course I would like to have the same habit .
Oooh marchi ^-^
de rien par contre a la derniere phrase c'est : And of course I would like to have the same habits as she does.
Désolée j'ai voulu mettre toutes les étoiles mais ça n'en a mis que deux ...
pas grave :)
Meilleure réponse !

I am searching( or looking out) for a roomate, who is kind and polite. I am genarally a hardworking person, so i would like my roomate to be hardworking too, so that we could help eachother in case of difficulties. I am interested in ( you could put your hobbies, or interests) , and it would be nice if my roomate has hobbies like mine so that we would share our ideas , or if she does not have  hobbies like mine, atleast she should be a person who respects the ideas and values of others. I am a very outgoing person, and honest, so i expect my roomate to be outward and honest too. So persons who are interested in sharing a room with me,  please contact me at my ( you could put your phone number, or email)