Bonjour tout le monde jais eu un devoir d'anglais ou je dois d écrire cette image en commencent par le type de document ses un cartoon présenter l'image la d écrire
Mercie d'avance et tout aide serait la biens venus
Voici l'image :



It's the represantation of barack Obama how take the hand of martin luther Kings , I supposed its martin luther king because the man hold
 A newspaper, above is written "I have a dream " it's a very popular sentence of her

c'est juste un élément de réponse
Meilleure réponse !

This cartoon picture,  is a black and white drawing that deals with the position of Afro-Americans in the society of the United States. It is published on

In this picture  we can see a big man standing on a podium and where we can clearly see the word ' HISTORY'  written in capital letters. The man is wearing a dark suit,in which the initials MLK is seen and in his left hand he is holding a booklet  entitled “I Have A Dream“ from 28 August 1963.( MLK's speech!)

The big man stretches out his right hand in the direction of another coloured man who tries to reach the top of the podium. He also wears  a suit and stretches out his right hand . This man is smaller and thinner  than the already standing on the podium.

The two men present in the cartoon are : the big man is Martin Luther King and the small man represents  the president of the united states Barak Obama.

The cartoon shows that even after  the great speech of MLK, the black population in the USA, have not gained equality. Though now, USA has its first black president , MLK's dream has not been fully fulfilled. The inequality still exists!